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Knowing the Difference Between Full Face Snorkel Masks and Traditional Snorkel Masks

A successful underwater adventure involves using the right snorkel mask for a more fun and exciting experience. If you don’t want to deal with an annoying underwater experience, you have to choose the right fit for a snorkel mask. In the underwater world, your mask is your window so you can watch the beautiful corals and enjoy the experience. There is an ongoing debate between choosing a full face snorkel or a traditional snorkel mask, regular snorkel vs dry snorkel, or fins or no fins. Allow us to help you choose the right snorkel for you by knowing the pros and cons of the revolutionary full face mask and the traditional face mask.

A traditional snorkeling equipment has fins and goggles snorkel tube. A traditional mask covers the nose and eyes to protect them from any leakage. The skirt of a traditional mask should be made of silicone with a wide peripheral vision for the best underwater experience ever. Choose traditional snorkel masks with a “no fog” lens for a crystal clear underwater vision. The mouthpiece and uncomfortable fit are just some of the issues using traditional snorkel masks. Traditional snorkel masks cause strong gag reflex which annoys first-time users. The snorkel tube should not cause discomfort when the mouthpiece sits in your mouth. Bear in mind that the traditional snorkel mask will allow you to breathe through the mouth so exercise a few breathing techniques proper to use. The biggest drawback of traditional snorkel masks has something to do with the gag reflex. Traditional face masks can stop people from enjoying snorkeling if they have a sensitive gag reflex. Most divers also experience chocking with traditional snorkeling tubes on water when they resurface. When the diver is submerged, the hallow snorkel tube can be filled with water. When resurfacing, a diver needs to resurface, blowing out the water which is a difficult technique to master.

To help resolve the problems people face with traditional snorkel masks, it is best to choose a full face snorkel mask. A full face snorkel mask removes the mouthpiece completely, thus creating a more natural snorkeling experience. Full face snorkel masks have a lot of advantages. There’s no learning curve at all, so all you need to do is to put it on and fully enjoy the experience. It is recommended for newbies and professionals. For one, it is a good way to introduce snorkeling to children. Full face snorkel masks have 180-degree angle screen, providing a clearer and wide visibility of the underwater. Keep the water away from your face and mouth using a full face mask.

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